Most of the Mx Graphics companies cut their decals using cutting machines- plotters, and most often they cut only the layer of actual vinyl, leaving backing paper untouched. Then they spend extra time to separate exact parts and cutting excess paper edges. It is not wrong, but it’s time-consuming, and the client has a hard time of alining decal to the original part of the plastic.
Another option is to use flatbed cutters. They cut both layers of decals, but those cutters have a pretty high price, and it’s hard to make a profit in case of small production amounts.
Decallab Mx Graphics always cut their graphics with no excess paper left around. With our cutting technology, we can reduce more than 35 kits in one shift. You can also cut your graphics like a pro with no investment at all. Become a Decallab Partner and make your dirtbike graphics look better than ever.