We all know, how the post services relate to packages, that’s why it’s essential to make sure your artwork survives a hard time of shipping. The best way to pack your Mx Decals is to keep them on a flat surface. Never put them in a roll- it may lead to vinyl curving, and the customer will have a hard time to install them on a dirt bike. Casual postal envelopes are very flexible, and they do not protect your stunning dirt bike decals from bending and external damages. Also, the stickers mustn’t bounce around the package during handling, but you can not use a vacuum envelope- high pressure on decals also will lead to damage.
Decallab Mx Graphics company use custom made cardboard envelopes that provide excellent protection. Custom made envelopes are not expensive if you order them in a considerable amount. Decallab orders more than 10 000 envelopes per year, so that keeps hold price low for one unit.
You, as a Decallab Partner, also can ship your graphics right to your customer’s hands with no worries about the thing.