Most of nowadays, printing machines work with the CMYK color system, but this leads to limited color gamut. In nowadays dirt bike plastics are super bright and colorful, so it’s not possible to get the right tone using the CMYK color system.
In years, solvent color printing technology has evolved faster than your lap time on Dirt Bike. Four color CMYK system now is improved to Ten Color printing machines witch significantly increase color gamut.
Technology is entirely new and is pretty expensive. Also, the maintenance costs in small production amounts are pretty high.
Not all have a big pile of money to start his own printing business with such modern printers. We spent a lot of time (years) and money to get stunning and precise colors to our graphics- you can do the same, or became a Decallab Partner and print your graphics using our Ten Color, wide CMYK gamut printer. It’s easier than ever- just become Decallab Partner.